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Has your old PC died or have you just bought a new one? Don’t panic! On our portal you can download Travelport products and user manuals. These manuals will guide you through the installation process or use of Travelport products. You can also request help with installations for a small fee.

* All prices stated below are per workstation or per user in the case of Terminal Server/Citrix environments and are exclusive of GST.



Install Galileo Desktop / Smartpoint

Installation of the following key software:
* Galileo Desktop
* Smartpoint
* Galileo SSL

Customisation includes:
* Programmable keys
* Smartpoint keyboard shortcuts
* Personalised screen layout
* Toolbar shortcuts
* Personalised start up options

Install Galileo Desktop / Smartpoint / CrossCheck Travel

All of the above services and the installation of CrossCheck Travel Client software as detailed below

Install CrossCheck Travel Enterprise (Server/DB Migration)

CCTE Server software installed along with:
* Network share folders created for central storage of all CCTE documentation
* CCTE database transferred and reconfigured (if required)
* Database backup consultation
* Auto update options configured
* Multiple databases configured to run in parallel (if required)
* CCTE related files (Itinerary, SOA, Invoices,etc.) transferred.
* Logo's and templates customised for document production

Install CrossCheck Travel Enterprise (Client)

CCTE Client software installed, along with:
* Network drive mapping
* Email functionality configured

Install / Configure Galileo Print Manager (GPM)

* Galileo printing consultation to identify exact needs
* Configuration of required output devices with option to generate either hard or soft copy.
* Configure page/margin alignments
* Network share/configured (if required)
Travelport Software Upgrade

* Upgrade of Smartpoint
* Upgrade Galileo Desktop
* Upgrade CrossCheck Travel

$50.00 per product

Other IT Services

* Mapping networks
* Route statement
* Login scripts

$150.00 per hour

Data Migrations


*PNR Migration from Galileo to another GDS


USD700.00 plus USD 0.20 per PNR


Install Support


Install support

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